About CK Wearden

CK Wearden made a commitment to her art in 1974 and by 1977 was taking awards in drawing and painting. By 1978, portraits of “Native Americans” began to grace the surfaces of her canvases.

Primarily self-taught, CK would travel from her home in Sun Valley, ID to Jackson, WY and study paintings by some of the top western artists in the USA.

Influenced by impressionists and old masters, her greatest personal discovery was of James Dine. His work set her free to experiment with all media. Then straight out of Southwest Art Magazine, coming directly to her every month, was the infamous Fritz Schoelder, a new and shining star in the Southwestern art world. What greater influences could a young artist ask for!

Today, CK Wearden paints in series, or bodies of works, and has given them titles. Her latest series, the “Holy Ones,” began taking form in 2008 and is now available of Limited Edition Giclée prints.


In 1981, I had an actualization of my life’s destiny. It was when I signed my name– Cynthia Wearden– to my first serigraph. It was like an out of body experience, looking down at that name. “OH! WOW! I GET TO BE AN ARTIST IN THIS LIFETIME!!” Today I paint under the professional name CK WEARDEN and am owner of the TUBAC RED DOOR GALLERY since 1999.

I must say, I have felt blessed to walk on Mother Earth this lifetime, to feel the energy of our ancestors, and to have the Holy Spirit as my daily guide. My painting “Spiritual Warriors” is symbolic  of Fighting the Good Fight in the Spiritual Plane  with the Power of Love.  They are the Peace Makers of our Todays and Tomorrows to Come.  Fighting the Good Fight and Standing Firm in the Center of the Love of the Creator at All Times.  This is my greatest desire.

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